• About FMDV

      An operational network giving territorial authorities direct and autonomous access to financing
      The Global fund for cities development (FMDV) was created in October 2010 at the initiative of Metropolis, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and 34 founding members (cities and city networks). It is an international political organisation which aims to strengthen solidarity and financial capacity by and among local authorities and is complementary to existing mobilisation, coordination and advocacy networks.

      FMDV meets the need expressed by local governments to have their own instrument that is:
      • Operational and effective in order to help contracting authorities find expert, sustainable and viable financial solutions for projects and activities led by territorial authorities,
      • Tailored to the specific needs and realities of territories and to the capacity and competences of administrative teams and their local partners, applying a principle of subsidiarity, efficient management and know-how transfers,
      • Independent vis-à-vis governments, the private sector and the main international donors so that it can operate in line with the key directions defined by the local authorities themselves.
      In this respect, FMDV provides technical expertise and financial engineering throughout the urban development project process (definition, fundraising and organisation).
      It facilitates territorial authorities’ access to financial resources which match the needs that they themselves have identified and under the best possible conditions: guarantees, loans, subsidies, grants, financial markets and endogenous mechanisms.
      This dual approach, based on technical assistance to re-think urban planning and appropriate financial engineering so that it can be sustainably financed, allows local authorities, elected officials and technical teams to design, develop and appraise their own development projects, in line with the coherence and potential of the territory and in consultation with local stakeholders.
      FMDV is based in Paris and is present in Africa, Asia and Latin America via its regional offices. This allows the organisation to work as closely as possible with its members and the territorial projects they are implementing.

      An organisation for local authorities, by local authorities
      The FMDV, which was founded by local authorities and their networks, creates conditions that allow local governments to stay in the driver’s seat for the definition, implementation and management of their urban strategies, in complementarity with the guidelines and conditionalities defined by their supervisory authorities, donors and institutional or private investors. The aim is to ensure that there is a realistic approach to local issues, challenges, needs and objectives.
      In order to achieve this effective decentralisation of competences and resources, the FMDV, via its local offices, forms a readily available network of expert and committed international and regional partners, comprising chief financial officers, engineers and technicians from local authorities, universities, NGOs, private groups and international institutions.
      Its operating and coordination practices first and foremost foster a multi-partnership culture of cooperation and dynamic exchanges among local authorities, particularly South-South, or via triangular South-South-North axes, based on promoting the local economy as a support and driver for local development.
      By pursuing the objective of achieving an attractive and resilient sustainable development of the territory, the FMDV helps strengthen a rebalanced interaction of local stakeholders, among themselves and with national and international partners, as well as the participation, ownership and responsible well-being of communities (solidarity, inclusion, cohesion).

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